A big congrats to Bandit Alum and Coach Ellie.  Ellie recently committed to play lacrosse at Duke University, Class of 2025.  Ellie was an original Bandit when the club first began in 2014.  She played Bandits from 5th grade through 8th grade (there were not any younger Bandit programs at the time).  She has been a multi-sport athlete, playing flag football, AYSO soccer, Rec Basketball, LFHS feeder basketball, tackle football (5th grade), high school basketball, and tons of lacrosse.  Ellie choose to follow her brother to Loyola Academy.  She was a member of the varsity lacrosse team as a freshmen and was a starter by the end of the season.  Last year, her sophomore season, Ellie led the Loyola varsity lacrosse team in scoring and was named U.S. Lacrosse All-American and 1st team Illinois All-State.  She plays her club lacrosse with Team One.

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Bandits Add Small Group Training

The Bandits add Small Group Training with coach Caroline in November, December, and January.  These sessions are great at providing accelerated lacrosse instruction and development.  Groups ranged in sizes of 4 to 9 players.  The sessions were a big hit and sold-out.  They were offered 2 week nights.  The Bandits are looking at establishing a Small Group platform for Summer training.

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Practice notes, thoughts, & motivation from Coach Caroline 4/15/19

Dear Parents,

I was lucky enough to join the girls last night and practice, and I want to applaud their efforts and hard work! The girls warmed up – with 2 of their own teammates leading the charge – and then we did a good amount of stick work. I got to participate in shuttles with the girls and definitely noticed an increase in focus when I was playing :). We did 10 minutes of conditioning, from which I was sore enough to forego my Orange Theory workout for yoga this morning!

I want you to know that as an educator, I have a unique understanding of the girls. I understand what their days look like and the challenges that they face as middle school females. I understand the pressures of a busy schedule and the desire to fit in, be liked, be seen. I also truly believe in the power of hard work, grit, and fierce determination. When I am with the girls, my hope is to inspire them to develop this strong work ethic, which is something that will help them on and off of the lacrosse field.

With that being said, we focused primarily on defense last night. The girls worked to re-defend and catch their attacker, working to maintain strong body positioning. We also worked in 7 v. 7 scenarios in which the defense was asked to deliver high pressure, communicate effectively, and start to anticipate when to slide and help. These are all skills that will develop over time, but the girls can always be in control of how hard they are working and the effort they put forth. As I said earlier, I was very pleased with the level of focus at practice last night and could see an improvement in just those 75 minutes alone!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am not always with your girls anymore, but I am happy to help when and where I can. Keep me in the loop if they need anything (on or off the field). This is a developmental program in which we strive to develop the “whole child”. Lacrosse is a beautiful conduit for so many of the skills our girls need to navigate the world that is middle school (and beyond).

Warmest Regards,


nature never did betray the heart that loved her.


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Bandits Launch 1st & 2nd grade Rookies Spring

The Bandits have finalized plans for their 1st & 2nd grade Rookies Lacrosse program.  It will be 9 one hour lacrosse sessions that will introduce your child to lacrosse and other fun athletic activities.

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Bandits Add an Additional Teams for Spring

Bandits have decided to add an additional team at each of their three age levels to help create the opportunity for more playing time for all players.  Because of record turn-out for the spring, and the importance of multiple touches and game experience for players, the Bandits added an additional team at all three age groups.  .

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Coach Caroline Tesar Returns To Bandits

The Bandits are excited to announce that their original head coach has returned to the area and helped out coaching the Bandits this fall 2018.  Coach Caroline will lead the Bandits Winter Lacrosse Skills & Drills clinic this winter.  Caroline is a Northwestern University graduate.  She played on the National Championship lacrosse team while she was attending school there.  Caroline, a Loyola Academy grad was a high school lacrosse All-American and multiple Illinois State Lacrosse Champion.  The Bandits are very fortunate to have Coach Caroline back with us—–she is recognized as one of the best coaches in the state.

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Congrats Daphne on West Point Commitment!!

Bandit alumni, Daphne Karahalios, 2020, recently committed to attend and play lacrosse at West Point for the Army women’s team.  Daphne attends Culver Military Academy and plays club lacrosse for the Denver Summit Elite 2020.  Way to Daphne—-we are proud of you.

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Bandit Coach Melissa Offers K-2 Training

New this winter and spring, Bandits Head Coach, Melissa has begun a new pilot lacrosse program for girls in K-2nd grades.  Her clinics for this age group are on Sundays, 2pm-3pm at Lake Forest College, in January & February.  Contact us for more information.

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