Bandits Rookies  ~ K-2nd Grade Registration


Thank you for participating in Coach Melissa’s Bandits Rookies K-2nd grade lacrosse program. It is very important for insurance reasons that you complete the Registration section on this page and hit “submit”.  Our system will keep your registration information, without completing the payment process.

Thank you Again!

require ‘stripe’
require ‘sinatra’

# This is your test secret API key.
Stripe.api_key = ‘sk_test_51OwvHDJBl6y4lTMxhox7UDbHVWJU92Cn1siu7VsVyJgSfoQMii0qy0ePhw3KsKZoQWag9Pp2suhhigaMBadI0TIW003JPmwEgD’

set :static, true
set :port, 4242

YOUR_DOMAIN = ‘http://localhost:4242’

post ‘/create-checkout-session’ do
content_type ‘application/json’

session = Stripe::Checkout::Session.create({
line_items: [{
# Provide the exact Price ID (e.g. pr_1234) of the product you want to sell
price: ‘{{PRICE_ID}}’,
quantity: 1,
mode: ‘payment’,
success_url: YOUR_DOMAIN + ‘/success.html’,
cancel_url: YOUR_DOMAIN + ‘/cancel.html’,
redirect session.url, 303