Fall Lacrosse

Bandits offers a 9 week fall lacrosse program beginning August 28th, 2023! Practices/Games/Scrimmages

Bandits Fall lacrosse is the full Fall lacrosse program for 3rd-8th grades, beginning August 28th – Oct. 25th.  It includes 9 weeks of lacrosse practices—practices twice a week (Mon./Weds.), with five (5) weekend practices and/or games, and a Bandits reversible pinnie. 

5th-8th graders have 5 Saturday practices or games.

3rd/4th graders have “house league” games on Sundays

2nd graders “Rookies” program begin SEPT. 11.  (Rookies Page)

2023 Fall Programming Begins August 28th



Our Bandits team program is a competitive and developmental lacrosse experience that provides players with the tools to develop their fundamental skills as well as individual concepts necessary to take their game to the next level. The Bandits will have practices twice weekly and five Saturdays, in the Fall.  We focus on developing individual skills and work and train in controlled scrimmages.  We are attempting  to schedule a game or two to finish the fall season.  The Fall program begins in late August.

This program is for 3rd-8th grade girls.  Visit the 1st-2nd grade page for information on programs for that age group.


Late Summer/Fall Season 2023

Address:TBA????? WEST PARK, Lake Forest ? …..  Sunset Place (by the parking area) is Dropoff & Pickup

Practices: 9 weeks…..three times / week….Mon./Weds. from Aug. 28- Oct. 25 (Sat. for 5th-8th and Sun. for 3rd/4th)

Practices begin: (August 28th):


2nd grades:  Monday/Wednesday         (3:40p – 4:35p)     Check-in 3:30pm , Pickup 4:40

3rd – 4th grades: Monday/Wednesday  (4:00p – 5:00p)    Check-in 3:50pm , Pickup 5:05……..Sunday Games 2pm-3pm

5th – 6th grades: Monday/Wednesday   (4:45p – 5:55p)    Check-in 4:35pm , Pickup 6:00……. Saturday Games…TBA

7th – 8th grades:  Monday/Wednesday  (5:00p – 6:15p)    Check-in 4:35pm , Pickup 6:20……. Saturday Games…TBA


Please always pick up and drop off players in a timely manner!


Players are responsible for their own equipment (GIRL’S Lacrosse stick, mouth guard, eye goggles, and cleats (optional).  Bring your own water.


Go Bandits!!!

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A huge THANKS to you! My daughter will go into try outs much more confidently. Everyone acted like her field hockey was enough to help with lax. Boy, was that wrong! She felt very out of her comfort zone. Thank you so much for helping bring her some basic skills and, more importantly, some confidence. Means more than you can know! Mrs.C.

Fall is an excellent time to develop lacrosse skills in an off season program geared more towards fundamentals!!!