About Us

Our goal is to continue delivering high-quality lacrosse instruction, build character, and create resiliency through positive and encouraging mentorship to our girls in an environment that expects best effort and discipline.

You all should be very proud of what you have accomplished with this organization. The program did a great job introducing the sport to my daughter this spring and making her feel comfortable and part of the team. She enjoyed being able to play every position. By doing so she was able to discover her strengths and comfort zone on the field. She also made new friendships that she hopes will continue to grow in the near future. As a parent I could not be happier for my child. My daughter walked away at the end of the season not wanting it to end and loving lacrosse! Mrs. W.

Our Story

In the early winter of 2014, two Lake Forest fathers got together to talk about girls’ lacrosse in their community.  It became apparent to both parents, who each had both boys and girls in the local programs, that there was a huge need for a better lacrosse program for girls than what was currently being offered.  Girls’ lacrosse was booming in the U.S., yet our local numbers were flat or declining with many girls dropping out after minimal exposure to the sport.  After a number of discussions, John Lazzaretto and Kevin Robinson decided that the time was right and that the need was there for creating a new not for profit girls’ lacrosse program in Lake Forest/Lake Bluff.

Like the line from “Field of Dreams”, “Build it and they will come”,…. John and Kevin felt that if they carefully designed a lacrosse program from the ground up, with lots positivity from paid coaches, and with the girls’ best interest in mind, that the girls would come to the Bandits.  And they did.  They created a program with travel club-like training in a local community based program. Years later, Bandits Lacrosse is now the most popular girls lacrosse program in the area.  Spring 2023, the Bandits fielded 10 teams with over 225 players.  The Bandits have built an amazing reputation in a short period of time by adhering to their mission and their goals.  It didn’t take long for parents, coaches, and players from Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and surrounding areas to want to know more about the Bandits!

Our goal is to continue delivering maximum exposure, high-quality lacrosse instruction, that helps build confidence, through positive and encouraging mentor-ship to our athletes, in their own local community. A program which encourages multiple sport and multiple activities participation by its athletes.

Coach John talks Bandits https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/john-lazzaretto-founder-of-bandits-lacrosse-club/id1549972698?i=1000526885793


Our Team

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John Lazzaretto

Founder / President Board of Directors

Established Bandits Lacrosse in 2014.


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Kim Parks

Board of Directors / Treasurer


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Coach Caroline Tesar
Caroline Tesar

Board of Directors

Director of Coaches / Head Coach

Elementary School Teacher, Yoga instructor, Master Lacrosse Coach, & Mother of Rory and Dylan:   Caroline was a multiple State Champion, High School All-State,  & All-American lacrosse player at Loyola Academy.  She played lacrosse for Hall of Fame Coach Kelly Amonte Hiller at Northwestern University where she was a National Champion. Caroline helped Coach John start the Bandits their first year in 2014.

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Bandits Spring 2018 1