Bandits Lacrosse Summer Camp

Bandits Lacrosse, Lake Forest & Lake Bluff’s local girls youth lacrosse program, now offers a Summer Lacrosse Camp.  Our four-day lacrosse camp is designed to improve and upgrade your child’s lacrosse skills through participation in our skills and fun drills sessions within our culture of best effort, positivism, and fun.  Fun is the most important part of our Bandit programs – if your child is having fun they will continue to grow and learn and develop a joy of lacrosse.  Our Camp will also focus on building strength/coordination, balance, and fundamental athleticism. Both beginners and experienced players are welcomed and will be grouped by skill level.  These Camps will be run by Bandits Lacrosse and our coaching staff.

We are directing our people to register through the Lake Forest Recreation Department.  If you have trouble registering through their website, please complete your registration through the Bandits website; However,  we do prefer that you use the LF Rec site.


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER @ Lake Forest Recreation Department

CLICK HERE to Register through the Bandits 

(Grades are for the coming school year 2023-24)


2nd/3rd Grade  June 7 – 10           Weds. -Sat.         4:30PM – 5:30PM

  • 4th/5th  Grade June 26 – 29           Mon-Thurs.      9:00AM – 10:00AM
  • 6th/7th Grade  June 26 – 29           Mon-Thurs.    10:15AM – 11:30AM
  • 8th/9th Grade  June 26 – 29           Mon.-Thurs.   11:45AM –    1:00PM


Equipment needed: Girls lacrosse stick, protective eye goggles, & mouthguard