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3rd 4th Practice schedule Spring 2022 (Click Here)



Spring Season 2022
Always wear pinnies for practices & games

PRACTICE LOCATION:   Lake Forest Academy, 1500 Kennedy Rd. (Townline Rd), Lake Forest.  Take Academy Road all the way to the back of the campus- you will see multiple athletic fields.  Enter “Glore Gym & Pool” into Google Maps or Waze to get you to the athletic fields.  Specific dropoff and pickup instructions will be emailed next week.

GAME LOCATION: Lake Forest College, Hixon Field..Along Sheridan Rd. at Maplewood Rd. (just North of the Lake Forest College Sports & Rec Center) please park in the large parking lot by the Sports & Rec Center and walk your child over to Hixon Field.

Lake Forest

2022 DATES: March 28th – May 29th,    4:15PM – 5:15PM

3rd 4th Dropoff and Pickup Instructions (click here)

Dropoff:  4:00pm -4:10pm…at_____________________________________

Pick-up: 5:15pm.. in front of _______________________________________

Regular Practices : Mondays & Wednesdays (check calendar)—-4:15pm – 5:15pm

Games: BEGIN April 10th.  Sundays -usually between 1pm – 3pm- Games will be posted after team selection!

Teams will be divided equally into separate teams for 7 v 7 “House League” competitions.

SIGN UP for REMIND APP on your phone’s messaging system, please text  @blc34 to 81010 for weather and game/practice changes.

All team fees include: 2 team practice per week, 6 Sunday House League games, and pinnies.

Players are responsible for their own equipment (Lacrosse stick, mouthguard, cleats, and goggles)


The Bandits 3rd/4th grade team is our developmental program.  The girls will be instructed in the fundamentals of lacrosse in a fun and positive manner.  Best effort, good attitude, and not being afraid to make mistakes will be focused upon.  The Bandits general Team program is a competitive and developmental lacrosse experience that provides players with the tools to develop their fundamental skills as well as individual concepts necessary to take their game to the next level.  As enrollment numbers warrant, we will be creating 3rd/4th grade teams that will participate in 7 versus 7 “house” league play on modified fields.  This is a perfect way to build and accelerate the lacrosse learning curve.






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