Dear Bandit families & community members,

We included this flyer called “Girls Lacrosse 101” in our earlier program information, this information helps explain the world of middle school girls’ lacrosse in our area. It is an educational piece to help inform our lacrosse families on what can be expected throughout the year in girls’ lacrosse.

We hope you are as pleased as we are with the direction of our Bandits program and we look forward to your continued participation and support.

John & Kevin



SELECT TRAVEL CLUBS: Teams that are part of for-profit organizations. These are tournament based teams and usually run for 9 to 10 months during the year. They draw players from a wide geographical area. They are very competitive and expensive. Examples: Team One, True Lacrosse, Lakeshore, & Players 360.

LOCAL AREA CLUB TEAM (Bandits): These clubs are usually independent community based programs that may also be feeder teams for local high schools. They are organized to give the players a greater learning experience than Recreation league and yet not as competitive as Select Travel teams. The focus of these program is learning the basics and fundamentals of lacrosse and introducing players to a higher level of training and competition than recreation department lacrosse.  Bandits Lacrosse Club is a not-for-profit local area community based Club program.

REC LEAGUE: Local area teams which are community based and run through Recreation Department Programs in the spring often coached by parents.



WINTER MONTHS (NOV.-FEB.): This is the off season training for lacrosse. Many lacrosse players will be involved in other sports during this period, which we highly recommend. For those who want to keep a lacrosse stick in their hands, you can look for winter lacrosse clinics. These winter clinics are a good way to get in some off-season training. There are several indoor leagues. Some Select Travel teams participate in 7 v. 7 indoor tournaments. Select Travel teams will also offer weekly training during this time. The Bandits run several winter lacrosse training, once a week at Lake Forest College.

SPRING MONTHS (March-May): This time period is the primary season for girls’ lacrosse for all age levels. During these months you’ll train and play for your LOCAL area community teams in local competitions and/or leagues. You can expect to practice twice weekly and play in scrimmages or games on weekends. There are tournaments during this time of year, which include travel and additional expenses. Most Select Travel teams shut down during these months and respect local area teams’ ability to bring community based teams together. The Bandits main program is during the spring since we are a community based team. We will be beginning indoors in March and early April and take our program outside in early/mid April and May. We are a founding member of the NSLC, where we have 7 to 8 games and a local one day tournament during the spring.

SUMMER MONTHS (JUNE-JULY): During this time of year the Select Travel programs go into full swing. They will practice twice weekly with 2 to 3 tournaments in the summer. At least one of these tournaments will involve overnight travel. These programs are designed to help challenge the avid and advanced players. These programs are expensive and can cost $2000-$5000 depending on the number of tournaments you enter. * Tryouts for Select Travel teams usually occur in the fall. The Bandits have girls in several of these Select Travel Clubs. Lake Forest High School and Loyola Academy run summer lacrosse camps.

AUGUST: Usually an off period for lacrosse.

FALL MONTHS (SEPT.-OCT.): Mark this time of year on year calendar to check with Select Travel teams to see when their tryouts for the following summer’s travel team are held. This is considered an off-season period for girls lacrosse. Many girls focus on other sports during this time. For those girls who want to keep up with their lacrosse skills, some programs offer weekly practices. Competitions are usually limited to local area tournaments. These tournaments include many Select Travel Teams which form in the fall. The Bandits will practice twice a week in their late summer/fall program and participate in several (4-5) Saturday scrimmages or local games.